zaterdag 20 december 2014

DIY rosemary Christmas wreath

Hi! Even though mr. Googels is finally here from Australia I keep on trying to do some DIY here an there. Yesterday I made this rosemary wreath, it's really easy and after you and your house smell soooo good! ;)
Again I made a little video of the process, if you still got any questions please leave a response in the comment section or on my instagram: @googelsenvoozels

Merry christmas!
Love M.

woensdag 17 december 2014

DIY stamped pillow case video

Hi guys! 
Tried something new last night, I made a flipagram video of me doing a DIY. I made a stamp out of a big eraser and stamped a pillow case with fabric paint. 
Thinking of doing this more, makes me happy to watch...what do you think?

Love M. 

vrijdag 12 december 2014

My photos for #7vignettes on Instagram

This month I joined in on #7vignettes it's a monthly friendly competition that @interiorsaddict organises and where we get 7 words of which you take photos inspired by that word. This month the words were all a little christmas inspired. 1. Was tree. 2. White 3. Childs play 4. Wish list 5. Wrap it up 6. Shine 7. Monochrome 

dinsdag 2 december 2014

DIY advent candle

Hello there!

Yes yes another Christmas DIY, try to get used to it...there's more to come :P
This is a DIY which I saw on Instagram from @lisannevandeklift (link is to het blog with the diy on it) she made a better picture anyway, and because I didn't read the diy on her blog but just started. I didn't even know there were markers for candles! So I ruined one by trying haha!

Anyway, super easy. Measure your candle and divide by 24...and put a number at every few cm/mm.