zaterdag 10 januari 2015

Travel: Antwerp

Some time ago I booked some hotels trough hotelweek. One night in Brugge and another in Gent. I never been in both cities before so was really looking forward to it.
On the way there we stopped in Antwerp, because we came past it anyway and I really wanted to go there. I've seen a lot of great photos and blogs about it, but the image I had in my head of Antwerp was totally different, I could only remember the grey ugly buildings. And that's soooo not what Antwerp looks like! It's gorgeous!

A lot of old buildings and if you dare to go out of the mainstream shopping street, it has some great shops.

Like Interio at Hoogstraat. It has some weird and funky stuff and great gifts.

I love me some Crosley!

And then Wunderkammer at steenhouwersvest 13, this is an amazing little shop with all kinds of treasures...

Magazyn at Steenhouwersvest 34a is a gem, little bit too pricey for me but hey a woman can dream ;)

And of course Moose in the city at IJzerenwaag 10, the must visit shop with Scandinavian brands! They not only have interior products but also clothes etc. Really a beautiful store and great stuff!  

Right next to it was the HAY store, I was so looking forward to it but sadly it was closed that day :(

Antwerp was great! I'd love to go back soon, haven't seen so many great gems yet! 
Hope you liked it, see you soon!

vrijdag 9 januari 2015


Hello! It's been a while because of the holidays and my boyfriend is finally here from Australia!
So lately just enjoying each other's company and having loads of meetings with friends and family...

While we were joking the other day I said to him that I love him more that Instagram, we both giggled and said I should make a quote out of that... So here it is. Feel free to repost etc...