maandag 24 november 2014

Wooden star with lights

Hi guys!

Happy to see you here again!
I'm totally getting in the Christmas mood. I'm redecorating, DIYing and buying a 1000 lights at the store... I love the feeling of Christmas, being in your home with loved ones. Drinking warm beverages, curling up under a blanket. So the house has to look that way too. I made this star with lights for on my table. it looks so good!

Again, like always this is super easy. Buy some wood at the local hardware store, mine was 15mm thick. Saw in 6 pieces of 50 cm each and nail three in a triangle and the other three in another triangle. Now put the pieces on top of each other and nail in together. Wrap a string of lights around it and voila! Your own big Christmas star. Good luck!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk zeg! Wat lief voor je vriend ook, die woont ver weg toch als ik het goed heb onthouden? Wat fijn dat ie langskomt, hoe lang blijft hij? Samen kerst vieren? Nou geniet er van, en gaaf om te zien dat je creativiteit er uit komt!