donderdag 12 februari 2015

DIY (p)leather bag

Hi guys!

Inspired by the Uashmama paper bags and some Pinterest pictures of leather bags I tried to make my own with some fake leather I had lying around the house and I think it turned out pretty cool!

It's super duper easy, you need to do a tiny bit of sowing but I'm not a pro at that so you definitely can do it too!

The stuff you need, of course leather, a paper bag as an example, scissors and a white marker.

Open up the paper bag in the size you would like it and follow the outside on the leather with a white marker.

Cut it out

Fold inside out and sow together in the length.

I sewed the bottom too, first I tried glueing it but that didn't work. So, sow the bottom shut in the opposite way of the first sowed line. (Did this make sense? If not feel free to contact me!)

Just some pretty scraps ;)

I used epoxy glue for glueing the next flap over...

The block of wood is to hold it down while drying :)

And that is it! Fold the top over a couple of times and put something nice in it! 
Good luck! 

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  1. Super leuk idee! Ik wil al een tijdje dit gaan maken voor om mn boxen in de woonkamer :) alleen wist nooit zo goed hoe, dus Tnx! Alleem hoe zit de onderkant precies, snap t nog niet helemaal ben ik bang:) X silvia