dinsdag 17 februari 2015

(New years) Resolutions

Spending less money, that has always been an issue for me.. I have, how we say in Dutch "a hole in my hand". I love to go out and buy new stuff, and that's not limited to one thing...noooo I love buying clothes, jewelry, shoes, crafting stuff, tools...and interior stuff....

lightbox with text about new years resolutions

It's so tempting, you see that one awesome thing on Instagram and then you just have to have it! Doesn't matter if you really need it, got space for it. You need it, NOW.

Even though I'm not buying every item that's trending on Instagram, I still have a teeny tiny house and a boyfriend that lives on the other side of the world, so I just need to stop it.

I put up the text: 'spend less money' on my lightbox to remind me of it every day when I'm home. And I hope it's going to help.

I'm broke and I need help, do you guys have any tips for me to save or earn some money?

xx M

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